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13 bizarre issues you may’t do on the London Underground

It has been a couple of days since we have been informed to keep away from the tube aside from important journey, and we already miss it badly. Here is what we will not wait to get again to, when happier occasions return.




One of many checks for speculative tube drivers is their potential to churn out droll one-liners over a PA system. You understand, like: “Would the man with the piano accordion please put your trousers again on.” or “My apologies for the delay to the service. We forgot to cease at Kentish City and should now reverse.” Proper now, we would accept a chiding from an irate driver for leaning on the doorways. Less complicated occasions.

Assuming you are working from residence, you is likely to be lounging on a settee, and even sprawled in your mattress. However admit it, you are already lacking the tough, bouncy floor of tube moquette towards your bottom, indented with the the buttocks of 11 million different Londoners earlier than you. We hope that you’ve a pair of moquette socks or perhaps a moquette cushion to maintain you going by way of these in any other case moquette-less occasions.

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